For our policies, please go to our 'Delivery & Returns' page

How long does it take to ship in the UK or Internationally?
Shipping takes between 4-7 working days for all UK orders and 10-14 working days for International orders.
PLEASE NOTE: Working days exclude weekends.

I've only received a order confirmation email but nothing else. Why?
There's no problem, we are just processing your funds and this takes some time. You should receive another confirmation email soon.

PayPal says my money is still not fulfilled, was there a problem?
No need to worry, when your order was placed there is a 1-3 day window where your funds are being processed.

The money was taken from my account but I haven't received my order yet!?
Don't worry! Apart from the transfer of funds, all other processes are carried out manually by our dedicated team. We're working on getting your order out to you right now!

I made a mistake. How do I change size or shipping address?
For sizing or shipping address changes or any other enquires use our 'Contact Us' page.


How can I track my order?
Once your order has been shipped, you'll be notified with a shipping confirmation email. This will include the tracking number for your order. 

Can I add/delete items from my purchase once payment has gone through?
Unfortunately you cannot add items to your order. However, if you would like to delete an item from your purchase, you can email us from our 'Contact Us' page and advise us of which item(s) you would like removed from your order. Please note that if your items have already been dispatched, we will not be able to remove any items unless its through our Returns Policy.

Received a wrong or faulty item?
We all make mistakes! We apologise for delivering a faulty order or a wrong item. Go to our 'Contact Us' page and advise us of your issue. 

My payment has been declined. Why?
In this occurrence your order may have been flagged by our system as fraudulent or there was an unforeseen error with your order. In any case if an order is unsuccessful, then we will email you the reason.

I placed 2 or more orders within a few days of each other. Will they arrive together?
Unfortunately not, for two separate orders to arrive together you will need to cancel your order(s) and reorder as soon as possible. Plus you save on shipping!

Are products restocked?
Products are restocked, however, if any product is discontinued, it will be removed from our website. This the does not allow anyone to make the purchase of that specific item.

Do you have any store locations?
We do not have a physical store however we may be stocked in a town near you!

How do I convert currency?
Your currency will be automatically changed by PayPal for you during the checkout process.

Do you offer next day delivery in the UK?
Presently we do not. However, never say never.

Do I need to sign for my order?
Yes, our postal method requires a signature to validate the receipt of your order.

Is there an option to ship to multiple addresses?
Unfortunately not, placing your order(s) separately would be the best solution.

Do I need an account to place an order?
No you don't! You may proceed with any purchase as a guest. No hassle.